Where to stay in Stockholm, Sweden

With beautiful buildings, lots of greenery and great shopping possibilities, Stockholm has something for everyone. Here we help you find the best place to stay to enjoy the Swedish capital to the fullest.

where to stay in stockholm

Are you going on a vacation to Stockholm? This charming capital is a popular tourist destination with its unique vibe, famous archipelago and lots of things to do for all ages. And if you need help in finding out how to best enjoy your stay in Stockholm – we have got your back! Take part of our guide to what Stockholm has to offer, and find the best place to stay while visiting the city.

The best areas in Stockholm

Stockholm is divided into a number of neighborhoods, all with their own certain style and things to do. In the list below we have gathered some of the most popular areas in the Swedish capital.

  • Gamla Stan (Old Town): The Old Town is something you can’t miss if you are visiting Stockholm, and this well-preserved medieval center is also a great place to stay when vacationing in the city.

  • Norrmalm: North of Gamla Stan you find Norrmalm, which is normally considered the most central part of Stockholm. In the area there are a lot of shopping possibilities, together with great communications and a number of tourist attractions.

  • Södermalm: On the opposite side of Gamla Stan is Södermalm, a trendy part of town that is appreciated for its restaurants, shops, bars and art galleries.

  • Östermalm: This area is a little calmer than the previously mentioned ones, and can be a good choice to stay if you are traveling with kids. Östermalm has many parks and museums, and is definitely an elegant part of town.

  • Vasastan: In Vasastan you find a nice mix between greenery and lots of restaurants, bars and shops. Here is also a lot to see if you are interested in art and culture.

Where to stay in Stockholm on a budget

Vacationing in Stockholm might not always be very cheap, but when it comes to hotels in the Swedish capital there is actually pretty much to choose from for all budgets. To find the best prices you normally have to look outside the most central parts of town and the most expensive places to stay are probably Gamla Stan and Norrmalm. With that being said, with thorough research you have the possibility of finding cheaper options here as well!

A little north of Stockholm you find Solna and Sundbyberg, which are two smaller cities that are part of Stockholm County. If you want to save some money on your hotel room, this might be a good place to look.

First time visitor – find the best location

Are you visiting Stockholm for the first time and want to get the most out of your experience? In that case we recommend that you look for a hotel in Gamla Stan. This unique part of Stockholm really makes the city what it is, and thanks to its central location you have close proximity to a lot of the tourist sites in town. For example you find both Stockholm Palace and the parliament building in Gamla Stan.

The area is also well catered for tourists with lots of shops, restaurants and activities to keep you entertained. With its narrow cobbled streets and medieval vibe, the Old Town of Stockholm is always a good idea.

best areas in stockholm

Visiting Stockholm with family

In Stockholm you find activities and sites for all ages, and overall the city is pretty kid-friendly. When it comes to finding the best place to stay when visiting Stockholm with your family, there are a number of options to choose from. Many people pick a hotel in Östermalm or Djurgården, where you find a number of parks, museums and a calmer feel than in the central parts of town. Djurgården is also home to the popular amusement park Gröna Lund.

Sightseeing in Stockholm – popular tourist attractions

The Swedish capital offers a lot of famous tourist sites, listed below you find some of the most well visited ones.

  • Vasa Museum: The Vasa ship is the world’s only preserved ship from the 17th century, and a must-see if you are visiting Stockholm.

  • Gamla Stan (Old Town): Gamla Stan is not only a great place to stay in Stockholm, it is also a popular tourist site with its old charm and unique atmosphere.

  • Stockholm City Hall: The City Hall is one of the most famous buildings in Stockholm, and is home to the Municipal Council. This is also where the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year.

  • Skansen: Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world and here you find something to see for all ages.

  • Gröna Lund: This charming amusement park has about 30 attractions, and is also a popular place for concerts during the summer time.

  • Royal Palace: The palace is located right at the edge of the water and is the official residence for the King of Sweden. The palace is actually one of the largest in Europe with 600 (!) rooms.

  • ABBA The Museum: If you like ABBA, this museum won’t let you down. Here you find everything from gold records to original costumes and memorabilia.

How to get around Stockholm

The fastest way of getting around town is to choose the metro. The metro network in Stockholm reaches most parts of the city in no time. If you want to choose another type of transportation, you can also go by bus or boat. With that being said, Stockholm is a fairly small capital making it possible to experience a lot of the city when going by foot or by bike.

Arriving to Stockholm by air

When it comes to flying to Stockholm, the majority of the international flights land at Arlanda Airport which is the largest airport in Sweden. Arlanda is located about 25 miles north of the central parts of Stockholm and the transfer time from the airport to the city is about 40 minutes by car and 20 minutes by train.

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Where to stay – finding the best location

By combining our large hotel database together with thorough research from our editors, Wheretostayin.com can give you a great chance of finding the optimal spot to stay in each city. To help you find your perfect accommodation we have also considered circumstances such as which budget you are traveling on, what your traveling constellation looks like and how long you are staying.