Where to stay in Rome – find the best location

Are you heading to Rome and want to find the best place to stay to get the most out of your vacation? See our guide to the Italian capital and find the right hotel according to your needs and wishes.

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The Italian capital is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world – not a big surprise considering everything the city has to offer. In Rome you find the perfect mix of old and new in the town that provides a small town feel despite its size.

But where is the best place to stay when visiting Rome? This obviously depends on what you want to experience, what your traveling constellation looks like and how long you are staying in town. Rome is filled with hotels of all shapes and sizes – here we help you find your way to the best ones.

Where to stay in Rome – city center

For many people visiting Rome, the best area to stay is in the city center – or at least nearby. This is also a good choice if you are visiting Rome for the first time, especially if you are just staying in town for a few days. What counts as the city center in Rome is a little hard to define, but normally you talk about the area that is found within a five miles radius from the Pantheon.

In the central parts of the Italian capital you find several neighborhoods that are a good choice if you want to experience the city. Right in the center you find Centro Storico which holds some of the most popular tourist sites such as the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

In general Rome is a city that is convenient to experience by foot, and with a hotel in the city center you can walk pretty much everywhere. In the following list you find some of the most popular tourist sites in the city, which can work as good guidelines when choosing the location for your stay.

Popular sites in Rome

  • Colosseum: Being one of the most iconic structures in Rome, the Colosseum is definitely a place you want to see when visiting the Italian capital. The ancient amphitheater is hard to miss when being in the central parts of Rome.

  • Pantheon: This Roman temple is counted to be one of the best preserved temples in the city and is also a popular tourist site.

  • Trevi Fountain: Few tourists visit Rome without taking a picture in front of the Trevi Fountain, which is probably one of the most famous fountains in the world.

  • Roman Forum: Adjacent to the Colosseum is the Roman Forum, where you find the ruins of ancient buildings right in the city center.

  • Vatican City: Just west of the Tiber river is the Vatican City, which probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. This independent part of the city (and the world) requires a little bit more walking if you live in the city center, but is definitely possible to reach by foot.

Where to stay with your family

If you are visiting Rome with kids, we recommend that you choose a hotel in a central location. This gives you walking distance to the majority of the interesting sites, and you will also find an endless number of stores, restaurants and activities in the area making sure the whole family will be entertained. In the central parts of town there are lots of hotels that are family friendly – make sure to look for this kind of hotel when booking your stay.

where to stay in rome city center

Visiting Rome on a budget – where to stay

The city of Rome has a lot to experience, and if you want to spend more money on activities and a little less on your hotel we can give you a hand. To find a cheaper stay it is normally a good idea to look for a hotel a little outside the city center. This might mean you have to walk further to see the main attractions in the city, but will also give you more money left in your pocket.

There are several popular, affordable neighborhoods to choose between if you are visiting Rome on a budget. The first one is the charming Trastevere area, which is found a little west of the city center. Another option is the area around the Termini Station where you find a large span of hotels, including a number of good budget options.

How to get around Rome

As previously mentioned, Rome is what you would call a walkable city – with other words you can reach most parts of town by foot. If you do want to choose public transportation, the best way to go is usually the metro. The metro is accessible from most parts of the town, with the center being found at Termini Station.

If you get to Rome by air you will most likely land at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino which is found about 20 miles from the central parts of Rome. The transfer from the airport to the city takes around 30-40 minutes.

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Where to stay – finding the best location

By combining our large hotel database together with thorough research from our editors, Wheretostayin.com can give you a great chance of finding the optimal spot to stay in each city. To help you find your perfect accommodation we have also considered circumstances such as which budget you are traveling on, what your traveling constellation looks like and how long you are staying.